Our Philosophy

The Davis Advocates, LLC

Our Philosophy

At The Davis Advocates, we implement a variety of tools and tactics to help clients reach their desired goals.
While every client is unique and the issues may differ, we begin with a simple philosophy to address each scenario as thoroughly as possible:


We believe that a well devised strategy is critical to achieving the desired goals. At The Davis Advocates, we focus on analyzing all possible scenarios and manages clients’ expectations throughout the process. Our strength is in forming strategic alliances and building coalitions with like-minded parties to promote the goals of our clients. Preparation is the key ingredient to success.


At The Davis Advocates, we emphasize that a clear and precise message is essential in communicating the needs of our clients. We work closely with our clients to develop a message that is specifically tailored to their goals, but still preserves the uniqueness of their personality and style.

Relationship Building

Through the years, The Davis Advocates has built a resourceful network of relationships with the business community, government staff and elected officials on a local, state and federal level. We understand the importance of these strategic alliances, and we know who to call upon to help make things happen.


When the strategy has been devised, the message clearly crafted and the appropriate people contacted, the heavy lifting begins. With experience from Washington, Austin and Dallas covering major legislative issues, we know how to be effective in negotiating on our client’s behalf.